AUM through Movement: Enliven the Hands Workshop

Source: Project Posture, The Sagebook

In March of 2012 we began our free movement workshop series presented by Perceptions Dance and Studio Anya that assists in the artistic exploration of the AUM Curriculum while teaching its techniques through movement and dance.   Kate Enright joined us for our very first workshop to explore some of the AUM Curriculum techniques through movement.  Our second workshop was led by AUM Curriculum creator Courtney Bauer.

A strong force presided in the room as Courtney silently led the dancers and movers through energetically charged gestures and patterns – all of which circled back to the hands.  The gestures of enlivening the hands blueprinted the ideas of The Secular Self:

“The Secular Self is the main character in Faculty 1 and represents our human existence as seen from the outside in perspective. The Secular Self get us in the door: we need a social security number to maintain important documents like our birth certificate, driver’s license, passport and transcripts to verify our personal profile, public image and identity as an individual. The Secular Self is our personified resume, without one it’s difficult to get hired (by life).”

Using these ideas, the movers acted out physically, mentally and emotionally how enlivening the hands relates specifically to our purest identities.  They transitioned from one emotion to the next – all while stimulating the palm centers, fingers, and everything that surrounds them – to clearly outline the energy that rushes through us as humans, which eventually is comes to life as our emotions, thoughts and individual human qualities.

Being in the room in my Faculty 2 Observologist-self filled me with an electricity; and it was difficult to ignore just what was happening there in front of me.  Capturing the details and energy pathways through the lens of a camera allowed me the opportunity to get in on the action on an even deeper level.

Here is just a small chunk of the amazing energy and movement that came from Enlivening the Hands with Courtney Bauer.  Sit back and enjoy – and if you’re interested in getting in on the action check out the workshop schedule for the next one!