A new perception of Perceptions…

Hi, my name is Olivia and I am a new company member with Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company!  First of all, let me just say what an awesome group of people I have the privilege to work with here.  All of the dancers are so incredibly talented and beautiful, and they have made me feel so welcome within the group over the past few weeks.  To be able to create art and do what I love with people that make me laugh and share my passion for dance is such a blessing!  There are quite a few of us newbies with Perceptions now, but you wouldn’t even know it because all of our personalities blend together so well.  For example, in June, Perceptions spent a few days in residency at Silo Kirkland Farm in Pennsylavnia, a program made possible by DanceNOW NYC.  Taking this trip with the other company members was a strong bonding experience—we cooked our meals together, took an amazing photo shoot throughout the farm, played games, and stayed up late at night chatting and getting to know one another.  And yes, we did some dancing there too! Overall, I am so grateful that I got to experience that weekend with the PCDC dancers because it helped unite us as a group, and I think that will reflect well in our performances.  Camaraderie among dancers who work together is very important—we share the stage, as well as a specific energy and dialogue when we dance.  We must sense each other and trust each other, and having good personal relationships can really aid in a company’s performance.  I am expecting some really inspirational and exciting upcoming shows with Perceptions, as well as some wonderful memories, and new friendships.

Though I’ve only been a Perceptions company member for a few months, I’ve been dancing professionally in New York for about a year and half now.  I actually live in Central NJ, and commute in to the city for class, rehearsals, and performances.  I’ve had to learn how to juggle my busy schedule as a teacher at a dance studio with my constant trips to the city, but it’s all about making sacrifices in order to lead a happy life doing what you love to do.  I believe all the members of our company recognize what it’s like to sacrifice for the career path we have chosen.  It requires a lot of courage, especially because professional dancing is not what most would consider a stable job.  But we dancers have an unspoken understanding with each other about how difficult it can be to dance in a big city.

I already feel a strong bond with the Perceptions dancers not only because of our time spent together on the Silo Kirkland farm, but because we all seem to understand one another in ways only another dancer can.  From the first day I took class with PCDC during their week-long intensive in May, I had a great feeling about the company.  Not only did I really enjoy the repertory, but I responded very well to the energy that Melissa, Laura, and Vanessa put forth into the studio.  They were disciplined and extremely talented, but also easy going and friendly.  I could tell that they each had a strong passion for dance and were eager to see how our own passions manifested through the movement they were giving us.  By the end of the week I knew I had found a group that I really liked, and had a lot in common with.  Again, I can’t wait to share the stage with these amazing dancers because I know our work will emit a strong unity that will impress and inspire our audiences.

But, why just read my opinion on how well the Perceptions dancers blend together as dancers and as people? Come see how our friendships contribute to our art for yourself!  We have plenty of exciting performances coming up, including the Moving Beauty Series and the Alex Gonzalez Initiative at The Secret Theater this August, as well as a performance at Boston University this October!  Please check out the Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company website for more information about our upcoming shows, and consider donating to our company so we can keep on doing what we love!  We need your support!!