Willing to Work

Some never find the will to work, others are more then willing to do whatever it takes to get the work done.  In 2010 I began a long journey of creating my first evening length piece: Will/Work.  This piece took the company to so many extremes, and truly showed their will to do the work.

In October 2011 we traveled to Boston, MA to premier Will/Work.  The dancers traveled from New York to Boston and back again within 23 hours, proving they could do the work no matter what.  In February 2012 we were honored to share the stage with Santa Barbara‘s SonneBlauma Dancz Theater at Greenspace in Long Island City, NY, where once again all 12 dancers showed up to do the work.

It’s been a crazy journey of creating this extremely athletic and close-to-my-heart piece that after years of battling myself with my willingness to work, I feel as though I have found a clarity of mind and heart, and a new journey of willingness to create.

A huge thank you to the 2011-2012 season dancers…


Written by Melissa Gendreau