Movement Through Words

How does one create movement through words? They feel interconnected in a way, dance and language, but how exactly? Using words like “gooey” and “sharp”, invoke a certain feeling or sensory experience, but still, to what extent can we covey our words through movement?

This is a task that PCDC is seeking to get a handle on, and at least get our hands into. As we expand into brand new territory, a whole new coast even, we are trusting our words to carry us through to meet on common ground.

Over the past month, myself and Artistic Director Melissa Gendreau have been working to create an interdisciplinary duet while living on separate coasts. The Garage in San Francisco has provided us with time and space in the form of a residency in which we are able to explore, create and perform. In NYC, we have been alloted a Field Artist Residency through The Field (supported by the Lambent Foundation Fund of the Tides Foundation) where Melissa Gendreau works on her side our our “conversation” or duet. We have been using this opportunity to creep into a world a bit unknown to our usual creative process. We have been finding ourselves having conversations coast to coast and responding to one another through phrases, or paragraphs if you will. Through these new experiences we are seeking the opportunity for growth, change and the potential for unlocking a few new tools in our creative shed.

As one steps onto new turf, they are guaranteed to have a new view, but also roadblocks of various shapes and sizes. I will speak for both of us when I say this has certainly been the case, but what weʼve found is that only a certain humbleness and sense of humor can guide one onto new territory. That, and a solid trust in one another.

Rehearsing and working solo, yet simultaneously side by side via opposite coasts,we are working to develop what we hope to be a method to communicate, listen, respond and create for years to come.


Please stay tuned to as Perceptions West continues to develop and unfold along side itʼs big sister in New York City.

The fist showing from PCDC West will be at the Garage July 27th and 28th.