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Written by Molly Fletcher Lynch
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One of the hardest parts about leaving NYC was saying goodbye to Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company. We decided that I would stay on as a director, but there would be obvious changes since I was no longer an arms reach away from a rehearsal. While I would still be able to help with the administrative side of the company, the most glaring change was the I would not be performing with PCDC in any upcoming works. Though taking the “west coast leap” was my choice, this was still no easy pill for me to swallow. I had danced with Perceptions for the past 5 years and had been a part of every piece created since then. Just the thought of rehearsals plans taking place without me in them would bring a tear to my eye. Artistic Director, Melissa Gendreau and I had worked side by side for years now and felt strongly about our relationship as a team. Neither of us were willing to accept that mere distance meant that had to change. So we put out two heads together and tried to decide how to make this work. Almost always on the same page, Melissa and I were both already thinking that we should extend the company to include a West Coast branch. Why not right? So after plently of pre-planning and excitment at the rapidly expanding company, it was decided.

Not long after I was unpacked here on the Left Coast, the PCDC wheels were already in motion. Through many long distance phone calls, we settled on the plan of starting a smaller, more experimental version of Perceptions to begin in the fall. It will be much more collaborative than the performing company in NYC and more than likely consist of a smaller group of dancers. “Perceptions West” will begin a 6 month residency at the Garage consisting of performances on July 27th ad 28th, and ending with a show on November 2nd and 3rd. The concert in July will be a duet performed by Melissa and myself, after which we hope to find the right dancers in the Bay Area to work with for the remainder of the residency. The work will explore distance, language and the relationship between. We hope to bring this piece and others developed out here on the Left to other performance venues and festivals in and around the city.

The next few months will be very exciting for the company as we get acquainted to our cross country collaboration. PCDC West is looking forward to jumping into the dance circuit here in the Bay Area and is thrilled to be working alongside so many talented and diverse companies who make this their home. We are looking forward to an eventful season in both NYC and San Francisco and look forward to meeting new dancers, artists and the like though this new found journey we are taking on.

For more information, or if interested in auditioning for PCDC West, check out the PCDC website:

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